2000-2002 Eclipse Service Manual

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Group 00 – General Body and Chasis

Group 00E – General electrical

Group 11A – Engine Mechanical 2.4L

Group 11B – Engine Overhaul 2.4L

Group 11C – Engine Mechanical 3.0L

Group 11D – Engine Overhaul 3.0L

Group 12 – Engine Lubrication

Group 13A – Multiport Fuel Injection (MFI) 2.4L

Group 13B – Multiport Fuel Injection (MFI) 3.0L

Gropu 13C – Fuel Supply

Group 14 – Engine Cooling

Group 15 – Intake and Exhaust

Group 16 – Engine Electrical

Group 17 – Engine and Emission Control

Group 21A – Clutch

Group 21B – Clutch Overhaul

Group 22A – Manual Transaxle

Group 22B – Manual Transaxle Overhaul

Group 23A – Automatic Transaxle

Group 23B – Automatic Transaxle Overhaul

Group 26 – Front Axle

Group 27 – Rear Axle

Group 31 – Wheel and Tire

Group 32 – Power Plant Mount

Group 33A – Front Suspension

Group 34 – Rear Suspension

Group 35A – Basic Brake System

Group 35B – Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)

Group 35C – Traction Control Systel (TCL)

Group 36 – Parking Brakes

Group 37A – Power Steering

Group 42 – Body

Group 51 – Exterior

Group 52A – Interior

Group 52B – Supplemental Restraint System (SRS)

Group 54A – Chassis Electrical

Group 54B – Simple Wiring System (SWS)

Group 55 – Heating and Air Conditioning

Group 70 – Component Locations

Group 80A – Configuration Diagrams

Group 80B – Splice Locations

Group 90 – Circuit Diagrams


64 thoughts on “2000-2002 Eclipse Service Manual”

  1. cant find auto speed sensor diagram or manual speed sensor diagram for 00-02 and 02-05

    need both auto and manual for both these years 01 eclipse and 03 eclipse
    doing auto to manual swap

    1. I dont know how to posr my question sorry I have a 200mit eclispe gt if I jump my car it will run until Zu shut it off then its just dead battery is 2yrs old my alternator is good do u have a sugjecstions

  2. looking for my fuel filter on 03 eclipse GS. where is is located? Chick here doing my own mechanic work cause i can with some info

  3. Where can i find where & how many freeze plugs are on my 2002 gt?

    I replaced one under my engine but still have a leak and it looks like on the top of my engine. under my intake manifold.

    Thank You for the help.


    1. I need help with this prob to where are all my freeze plugs located I put water in n it comes shooting bk out on right side of the middle by intake close to thermastat it’s on a 2000 mits ecl.by please help have asked everyine I know n they don’t know?!!

    1. Its in your fuse box under the hood should have 3 in the bottom and the one to right are relay for fuel pump , thats where it is on my 2000gt

  4. I have a 2003 Mitsibishi Eclipse GS. Does anyone know where to add transmission fluid to a Manual Transmission. My Eclipse is making a knocking sound when in ideal. When the clutch is depressed the knocking stops, when the clutch is released the knocking resumes. Is it low on fluid.

    1. John, did you find where to add the tranny fluid? If you look under the hood on the driver’s side, you will see the transmission. There is a bolt there, take a 17mm socket and take that bolt out. If fluid comes out then you have plenty, if not you will need to add fluid until it starts coming out.
      ***Note: The manual transmission take gear oil (SAE 75W-90, API Services GL-4). Do not use automatic transmission fluid..

      Just because it’s knocking when you release the clutch does not mean that it’s the transmission. Inspect your half shafts/cv joints, they may be bad and that’s the only thing I know that would knock.
      **I am not a mechanic, just a DIY guy**

    2. I tell you what it is its your throw out bearing inside your clutch adding gear oil would not help anything

      1. Need help with my 2001 Mitsubishi Spyder. Was driving down the road and was losing speed. I went to give it gas but instead of speeding up and went completely down and died. Pulled over in the shoulder and tried starting it. It would crank over but wouldnt start just like if you are running out of gas but i had a full tank. 2 days before this accident happened my stupid brother took off in my car without my knowledge. It started raining and he didnt know how to put the top up so everything in my car got extremely wet. I let it sit in my garage until the day i had this issue when i was on my way to work. Can anyone help me please before I start spending money

        1. If your crank shaft sensor is bad. The car engine will turn over fine but never start. I had the same problem last year. It should give a OBD code. I have a 2001 GT V6 I bought new 19 years ago.

    3. My 2000 gs did the same thing and after replacing a bunch of parts it wound up being the throw out bearing that was bad. Mine made almost a knocking or ticking noise with a little bit of whoosh and stopped making noise after throw out bearing replacement

    4. There’s two different ways to add transmission fluid to a standard. You can remove the shift stick and put in through there or you can find the oil insert on the transmission. It’s usually on the side somewhere not on top. But it almost sounds as if the through out bearing is getting bad..

      1. The only way to add fluid the the shift stick it would have to be a rear wheel drive in your case it’s front so you would have to put it in through the insert on the transmission. To trace the through out bearing you have to pull the transmission. Some say it’s just easier to pull the motor out but every experience is different on everyone. I would say just drop the transmission. Less work.

  5. my 02 rs a/t its not getting power to the pmc and that prevent my car from start…. any idea what could be wrong????
    i jumped from a constant 12v to the power supply on the pmc and i was able to start it…..
    plus my high beams and the speed selector from the wipers arent working as they supposed to…
    any help??????????

    1. It’s in the right hand of your steering column.. y’all can find most of what your looking for on google… It’s simple cosmetic stuff. Nothing a mechanic should have to deal with….

  6. Was running great till….it had an intake antifreeze leak and replaced it sputtered longer and longer each stop and sit then run erands finaly parked and replaced gasket. Then wouldnt start so replaced distri crank pos sensor wires. Plugs fuses. Confused now no spark except when. Distrib is hooked up outside and shaft grounded and hand spin the rotor and mild spark so mount it still nothing so finding the timing marks off re adjust then timing marks dead on and crank shaft position sensor belt distributor are new

  7. Will a motor from a 02 eclipse gt automatic fit in a 01 eclipse gt 5 speed.Will I need to change out any sensors. I do know I will need to swap over pressure plates.

  8. i have 2003 eclipse in dubai i recently import from usa down the steering there are 3 batons both side in i want ti know these batons for what i try to find in user manual but i cant find any one knows about that pls.

  9. U have an 2002 eclipse it was running in 3 rd gear after u drive for a few minutes and neural light would blink .well didnt get it fixed in time one day went to shut it off and fans didn’t turn off and it smoked from top of dashboard around radio area and now wont start. and in the fuse box the Mfi relay is hmmimg..and car not start ..the fan stays on and car wont start.but we took we took the fan relay out it stopped humming. We put in back in it stopped til we put Mfi back in..any ideas??? Plus we tryin to follow the white wire with violet strip where does it go?? It’s in the firewall but can’t find where it goes from there

  10. Need a diagram of the correct installment for spark plugs and the correct order wiring to the distributer on a 2002 Mitsubishi eclipse 3.0L v6 please help?!!

  11. DIY guy.. I just bought an 01 eclipse with 2.4L it keeps blowing the fuse #13 under hood. Researched it and its the ECU. Blows when key is turned to run position. Anyhow sometimes it won’t blow car will crank and run after it heats up it blows fuse continuously. I was informed it could be a BCM or Body Control module. I can’t find any diagrams on this component. I called a dealership spoke took a Tech and was told its called a BIU. If it were the ECU the car wouldn’t run at all. Any advice? Please email at Poppaflop@gmail.com so I can effectively communicate and solve this problem. Please and thank you!

  12. 2001 Eclipse Spyder 3.0, having issues with the convertible top. Looking for the hydraulic pump to refill. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  13. Does anyone know where the turn signal flasher is located in a 2001 spyder? I took out the radio and it wasn’t behind there. Looking at several manuals, none of them have it in there. Is it possible in the ETACS? Thanks for the help.

    1. Also have been having the same problem, can’t seem to find it. Ive practically taken apart my car and because my lights and signals dont work. Any help?

  14. Trying to troubleshoot have a 2000 eclipse keeps blowing the 20 amp engine fuse had a bad ignition coil so I changed both coils wires and plugs found a bad ground changed it out still blowing the fuse not sure what else to check any ideas have been all over the car trying to find a bad wire everything looks good but I still have a short

  15. i am trying to replace the serpentine belt on 03 eclipse. i can not figure out how to release tension to get belt on. please help. Thanks! 3.0 engine.

  16. I have a 02 eclipse spider, I’ll be driving and all of a sudden the motor turns off, sometimes I feather the gas peddle and it will come on and sometimes it won’t run. I’ve had to sit between 20 minutes to 1 hour and then the car will start. The only code is the oxygen cencer on the catalytic converter off of the intake manifold , I changed the intake and the cencer, and still doing the same thing. When the car runs it runs great. Please help

  17. I’m just wondering if the overhauling section of this guide is actually to get more performance off my block?

  18. I am working on my 02 GS, and needs to locate the right size torx for the front sway bar, does anyone know what size it is? I am trying to get up a proper set of tools and would only like to have what I need, and nothing extra. THANKS!!

  19. Thanks for some other informative website. The place else may just I get
    that type of info written in such an ideal approach?
    I’ve a project that I am just now working on, and I
    have been at the look out for such information.

  20. The manuals were great. Without them I would not have been able to troubleshoot my electrical problem.

  21. Can someone tell me where the vehicle speed sensor is located on a 2002 eclipse GT? I’m getting a check engine code P0500

  22. Hello. My eclipse 04 always blow a fuse . It’s the #15 fuse on 20A . Looking at some pics it’s a trans axle fuse. (If I am reading it right) the car starts sometimes with blowing but when I started to shift gears or sometimes drive a mile , the fuse blows. How to I find the shirt? Is this a harness shirt? Shall I bring down the transmission to get to the shore?

  23. Supposedly my crank is down on my 2000 Eclipse 3.0v6. I would like to know a dealer in the US that can tell me if that is the problem and how much it will cost to replace it , if that is the problem. Please reply.

  24. My crank is down on my 2000 Eclipse, or that is what I am told. Can you tell me of a mechanic that can check it out and tell me if that is the problem and how much it will cost.

  25. I have a 2000 eclipse ft the anti lock light is on when I go to start the car it’s a clicking sound coming from the fuse box it act like its no power to the switch I put a new ignition switch in it and a new starter and still nothing could u plz tell me what it is

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