2003-2005 Eclipse Factory Service Manual

Chapter Selection:

Preface – Volume 1

Preface – Volume 2

Preface – Volume 3

Preface – Volume 4

Group 00 – General Body and Chasis

Group 00E – General electrical

Group 11A – Engine Mechanical 2.4L

Group 11B – Engine Overhaul 2.4L

Group 11C – Engine Mechanical 3.0L

Group 11D – Engine Overhaul 3.0L

Group 12 – Engine Lubrication

Group 13A – Multiport Fuel Injection (MFI) 2.4L

Group 13B – Multiport Fuel Injection (MFI) 3.0L

Gropu 13C – Fuel Supply

Group 14 – Engine Cooling

Group 15 – Intake and Exhaust

Group 16 – Engine Electrical

Group 17 – Engine and Emission Control

Group 21A – Clutch

Group 21B – Clutch Overhaul

Group 22A – Manual Transaxle

Group 22B – Manual Transaxle Overhaul

Group 23A – Automatic Transaxle

Group 23B – Automatic Transaxle Overhaul

Group 26 – Front Axle

Group 27 – Rear Axle

Group 31 – Wheel and Tire

Group 32 – Power Plant Mount

Group 33 – Front Suspension

Group 34 – Rear Suspension

Group 35A – Basic Brake System

Group 35B – Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)

Group 35C – Traction Control Systel (TCL)

Group 37A – Power Steering

Group 42 – Body

Group 51 – Exterior

Group 52A – Interior

Group 52B – Supplemental Restraint System (SRS)

Group 54A – Chassis Electrical

Group 54B – Simplified Wiring System (SWS)

Group 55 – Heating and Air Conditioning

Group 70 – Component Locations

Group 80A – Configuration Diagrams

Group 80B – Splice Locations

Group 90 – Circuit Diagrams

Index – Volume 1

Index – Volume 2

Index – Volume 3

Index – Volume 4

27 thoughts on “2003-2005 Eclipse Factory Service Manual”

  1. Title states 2003-2005 Eclipse Factory Service Manual, but manual says 2003. I’m looking for a manual that includes 2005 eclipse Remix Edition

    1. Volume 4 of the Preface is for the 2003. It will contain the updates/changes specific for that year that vary from the rest of the manual.

  2. Just wanted to say thank you for the info. I also would like to tell you that I found a flaw in one of your diagrams page 327 of 13B the cps connector or distributor connector numbers are backwards compared to position of connector should be configured the other way. Other pics of same connector are right on following pages.

  3. Hello, I am looking for how to install a new shifter cable on a 2005 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS. can anyone help help me out with this .

  4. Just purchased a 03 spyder gs…don’t have wheel lock key…where can I buy one and more importantly which one is it exactly?

  5. I recently bought an 03 spyder gt. Well my radio all of a sudden says code and won’t do anything. How do I know what the code is ?

  6. Where will the ignition coil be located in a 2003 eclipse 3.0l ? Is it built in to the distributor? Someone please help I’m confused.

  7. Hello my name is Omar I have a 2005 Mitsubishi Eclipse 4 cylinder. This vehicle will run but has no strength, I pushed the gas pedal to the floor and the vehicle has no strength. Someone can give me a hint what would be the problem.

  8. Hi, thanks for the manual 🙂 Wanted to let you know the “Group 54A – Chassis Electrical” file is missing, thanks

        1. Hey thank you very much for the manual. Just wanted to let you know “Group 52A – Interior” is actually “Group 54A – Chassis Electrical”. So there is no file “Group 52A – Interior”.

  9. Am I able to get the whole document in one consolidated PDF file? I need to reference it at a remote site from home.

  10. Hey guys. I was hoping to find an answer online so i dont have to go to my local auto store, but so far no luck. Does anyone happen to know the bulb size for the rearview mirror lights? I have a 2003 mits eclipes gs. Thanks guys.

  11. Thanks Russ, For the dedication and assistance to helping us find a way to not search endlessly for answers to intricate problems not answered by the naked eye.

  12. I have a 03 eclipse, for some reason when i turn the car off it kills everything by that i mean that the door locks everything turns completely off, and i know that the door locks should still have power runnin to them key off or on, also it keeps popin the 10 amp fuse for the radio, alarm, and interior lights, id like to fix this problem any help would be really appreciated, thanks

  13. I have a 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse I bought my son for his 16th Birthday. Now his 18th birthday is March 18th and I still have issues I have not resolved with this vehicle. I know there is a reader out here that can direct me in the right direction. I have crawled into so many tight spots on this vehicle trying to fix this and that that I believe I am four inches shorter than I was nearly two years ago when I started. My son tells me that I am not the only full grown man who can use a pillow case for a sleeping bag. Can someone please help me…
    First I am trying to find a patch harness that will plug into the existing OEM wiring harness to install an aftermarket radio. There are two plugs on the vehicle, one with 14 pins and one with eight (8) pins. Only four (4) of the 14 pins are used with the factory radio/CD/Tape Player and only four (4) of the pins on the 8 pin plug are used. I think the eight pin plug goes to the amp under the front passengers seat.
    Also, I want to install a turbo on this car but I cannot find a turbo kit or a source for stiffer valve springs and I cannot find any information on a manifold or any other parts needed to install a turbo on this car. Also as most of you know the dash on these cars do not last very long. He can turn his radio up and more pieces of the dash fall off. He needs a bucket under to catch all the parts. Does anyone know a good source to get a new dash without paying over a thousand dollars for a dash? Thanks to TEARSTONE for a wonderful website and thanks to all the contrubitors for all your help and a special thanks to anyone who might find the time to get me the information I need. God Bless you all and God Bless the United States of America.

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