New Garage Sale Section

There are a lot of parts that sit around the shop and in the inventory shelf that are overlooked and could very well go to good homes. We have added a "Garage Sale" section now on the website which will offer various items for sale that are ready to ship as soon as payment is received. There will be lots of good deals there, so please don’t miss out! Consignment offers will be considered on a case by case basis.


Website Enhancements

Over the past week we have made a few changes to the website to help support customers better. Currently the TearstonePS AOL Instant Messenger account is overwhelmed with messages and requests for products so we felt that establishing forums was the next best logical step to insure all questions regarding products are answered. This is also an excellent platform to ask for products that are not listed on the website or simply request technical assistance for installing parts from the expert advice provided by Tearstone Performance.

The forums are directly integrated with the existing user data base of this website. Simply login with your userID and password that you would normally use to purchase products or check on order status. If you have any problems with the website at all please give us a call at 407-580-1667 or email

We have made a few adjustments to the product listings by adding icons to each catagory for an overall less stressing user experience. Each product listing is now listed in two rows to cut down on excessive scrolling.

Also, we have added "Feature Rides" portion of the website for customers that want to proudly show parts they have purchased for their cars off on the Tearstone Performance website. If you would like to have your car featured as well, please post up pictures and  a complete mod list .