Billet Cover Installation: 1999+ Eclipse, Galant, Stratus

Billet Reservoir Cover Installation


1 Brake cap reservoir cover

1 “Tearstone” logo vinyl sticker

1 Power steering reservoir cover

1 Windshield washer reservoir cap

1 223 rubber o-ring

1 Clutch cylinder reservoir cover (5 speed orders only)

 Tools required:

High-speed rotary tool with a sanding bit (DREMEL)

Soft padding (towel or something similar)

Push pin or thumb-tack


1. Brake, Power Steering and Clutch Fluid Reservoir Caps

Locate the proper reservoirs.

    • Brake reservoir is located directly in front of the driver.
    • Power steering reservoir is located directly behind the passenger side headlight.
    • Clutch reservoir is located adjacent to the brake reservoir but mounted high on the firewall.
  • Carefully insure that all the stock caps are in the position you would normally put them in when securing then to their respective reservoirs. DO NOT over tighten your brake cap reservoir.

Warning: Removing the stock cap after fully pressed into the aftermarket covers may very well require you to damage the cap. Please take special care to do this right the first time.

One billet cover at a time, place them on their respective reservoir and push the cap down as far as you can without putting excess pressure on it, or at least far enough that it will maintain the position on the cap while you unscrew it from the reservoir.

  • Unscrew the stock cap and cover carefully to maintain the cover’s position on the stock cap.
  • Turn the cap and cover upside down, place it on a padded surface to prevent scratching/marring.
  • Press the stock cap into the billet cover with the palm of your hand.
  • Reinstall the assembly back into your car.

2. Windshield Washer Reservoir Cap

The windshield washer reservoir is located behind the radiator and directly next to the passenger side head light.

  • Completely remove the stock cap by simply opening it and pulling straight up.
  • Install the supplied o-ring in the proper setting noted in the diagram below.

Note: Due to manufacturing the openings, the top of the reservoir may vary slightly between car to car.

2000-05 Eclipse, 1999-03 Galant, 2001-05 Stratus: Take note that there is a pin sized hole in the stock cap. This must be replicated on the reservoir so use a thumb tack or push pin to pierce a hole roughly 1 inch from the top of the reservoir – not the billet cap.

    • Attempt to install the cap without prepping your reservoir first.
    • If it does not fit slide in easily than use your rotary tool to trimming the excess plastic molding off of the inside of the reservoir until the cap slides in smoothly. Take extra special care not to remove too much plastic or the cap may no longer end up secure.

3. Care and Maintenance

  • All caps have been protected by an aluminum polish prior to shipment
  • From time to time you may want to clean and protect your caps, we recommend using your favorite Mag & Aluminum polish with a soft terry cloth or baby diaper.
  • After operating your vehicle to proper engine operating temperature, expect your billet caps to be hot to the touch. Please wait at least 15 minutes with the engine shut off before removing the caps to fill your fluids. It’s best to use a towel, especially with the windshield washer cap since it holds the most heat out of all the billet caps due to it’s inherent design.





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  1. Are you still in business
    I’ll call the number on dictionary listed phone number. Somebody else answer .not tearstone
    If not were or how to contact for purchasing some items for my 2000 gt eclipes

  2. Hello,

    I am an old member of the club3g.
    My thread is: Dutch eclipse

    In the crash i had, I lost the aluminum windowwasher cap.

    Do you still have one?

    I like to hear.

    Greets Max jager

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