Juan’s 2000 RS Turbo


Juan’s 2000 RS



Mod list:

Evo 8 Head
8:5:1 Cp Piston over size .40, 87.5mm
Eagle rods
Main Bearings ARP stud
ARP Head stud
Custom Equal length turbo manifold, ported, ceramic coating
Master Power T-61 70 compressor housing .68 turbine
3” down pipe -N- exhaust system
44 mm Tail waste gate
3” Intercooler piping
32x12x3 Intercooler
HKS SSQV Blow Off x2
Evo 8 stock intake and throttle
Teflon intake gasket
Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator 1:1
780 cc Delfi Injectors
Holley fuel filter
Walbro 255 fuel pump
ACT Xtr pressure plate
ACT 6 pad disc
Breader turbo oil line
Breader turbo oil discharger
4” Intake
4” K&N filter
Balance shaft Eliminator kit
MSD coils x4
MSD spark plug wires
Microtech lt10s
Microtech x4
Microtech hand controller
Fidanza cam gears
264 Comp cams





2 thoughts on “Juan’s 2000 RS Turbo”

  1. Juan,
    Just wanted to let you know that you have worked very hard I am sure to make this the nicest 2000 Mit I have EVER seen! I want to help my son get his looking good too. He was a personal friend of Paul Walker and he wants so badly to get his car looking like one of Pauls. We welcome any advise! Congratulations on a beautiful job!!


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