Joshua’s 1997 Eagle Talon ESR Turbocharged 420A

Eagle Talon Es-R Turbocharged 420a
Powder coating these items candy red
-valve Cover
-Intake manifold
-turbo compressor housing
-blow of valve housing
-tial wastegate top
-Walbro 255L HP fuel pump
-Bell Engineering boost dependant fuel regulator
-fuel pump direct wire
-turbo heatshield
-T3/T04E Turbonetics turbo
-Turbonetics Turbo manifold
-Intercooler 24″ x 12″ x2″
-2 1/4″ steel intercooler piping
-HKS blow off valve
-1/4″  stainless steel Fuel lines
-1/8in NPT stainless  steel braid oil supply line
-Multipoint Grounding Kit
-3/8″ to 1/8″ NPT Adapter Bung
-3″ turbo air filter with cone heat shield
-4 Accel 270cc Injectors  ( stock injectors were 190cc)
-Custom 2 1/4″ stainless steel intercooler piping
-Tial  7.25 psi “small green”  wastegate spring
-Mitsu fuel rail adapter
-NGK spark plug wires
-NGK Iridium spark plugs at .032
-Eagle Tsi PCV valve relocation
2.5″ downpipe from turbo
2.5″ Mivec GT resonator
2.5″ piping and Mivec GT muffler
-projectors headlights are made by Sonar
-full 20 percent tint on all windows
Car computer install in picture
This install required the airbag to be removed, glovebox to be shaved and new airbag cover made.  Some
-Amd 2500+ Barton CPU
-512mb Ram
-Ati Radeon 9800 video card
-Triplite 600w inverter ( for power)
-Dvd drive mounted in floorboard
-5.25″ fans to cool the space inside dash
-Plexi glass cover made to replace air bag.
-Zenarc 7in touch screen molded into oem bezel
( replaces mouse for Car PC)
Not istalledare Motegi 18″ chrome wheels
,upgraded cady red front brake calipers, Diamond audio premuim sound (
4 6 in speakers and 2, 8 in subwoofers powered by a 800 watt amp.
photoshoped 420a motor.JPG

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